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Fresh-looking alien blood?

I'm doing a Homestuck costume that will require liberal amounts of spattered and sprayed blood in various colors of the (hemo)spectrum. I'm looking for tips on how to do this both on skin with makeup and on fabric.

I have water-based makeup of the right colors that I can splatter on skin, but I want it to look FRESH. Any recommendations on some kind of sealer or something that will make it look like wet shiny liquid and not glittery makeup? I just need a way for it to be shiny without being sticky, because some of it will go on my hands/arms.

On fabric, it's going to need to be a little flexible - just enough so that it doesn't crack with movement. I've heard of combining paint with gloss varnish, but what kind of varnish? Does it need to be something made to work with acrylics if the main part of the blood is going to be plain acrylic paint?

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