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Originally Posted by Zhiana View Post
I don't know if someone has said this already, but if you're going to go for a full MtF transformation then you must do something with your hair. Even just a side parting will make your face looks totally different. (Middle parts are not the most flattering of hair styles). Have you considered maybe getting a hair cut with some layers? It isn't obvious but makes your hair looks more naturally girly.
EDIT: Just saw your update with the clip on bangs - looks SO MUCH better!

Once you tidy up your eye makeup (practice practice practice) then I think you'll do brilliantly, you have such good skin and lovely eyes!

Easy way to pick foundation:
Try the tester on the lower part of your face/cheeks. Tilt your head up in a mirror so you can see your neck. If there is an obvious dark-light line between your neck and jawline then it is the wrong colour. It should be basically the same as your natural tone with room for some variation. Always remember to blend your foundation into your neck.
It looks like you're using one hell of a lot of powder - you should be using transluscent and only one application over the whole face and then only spot checks on the T-Zone if needed.

Also, remember to exfoliate your skin before you put on makeup, it'll make a lot of difference. St Ives make a great exfoliating scrub.
I exfoliate at least once a week, and ALWAYS on the day or of the day before a con.

Your eyeliner has definitely improved a lot.. but are you wearing mascara? Because if you are, it's not showing. It takes some getting to used to to apply but as you've said that you're getting over the "blink reflex" then it shouldn't be too hard. Start at the root of the eyelashes and pull upwards. Apply at least two coats.

Thanks for the tips! Yeah, my updates are definitely alot better. As for the haircut, well, I dunno. Might have to pass that by some of my friends. I know a few girls that would kill me if I cut my hair, lol.

That's an interesting way for foundation. I still think I am going to get a professional to take a look for me, so I don't screw up or go through like 20 other shades. s:

The powder is actually eyeshadow on contouring. I don't get why I have it looking so bad like that. D:.... Pretty much..... Facial scrub > Foundation > Eyeshadow contour. No powder any other way. x_x....

Yeah, everyone is telling me to exfoliate, so I am going to try to do that not next time, but hopefully soon. I might have to look for some, and who knows, maybe next time if I can get some at Macys when/if I go.

Thank you! Yeah, I am getting better thanks to my contacts. .... and yeah, that picture didn't have mascara. I was GOING to do falsies, but after two failed attempts, I felt it was starting to take a toll on the eyeliner, and I didn't want to ruin it. Will definitely get some going next time. I admit, I usually either miss or forget to apply something in the end, but that's sometimes because I had a problem possibly. Bit by bit, step by step. As for the application, I was told that you hold the wand in front of your eye, and close the eye, without moving the wand. s:..... so that is how I have been doing it. s:

Also, thanks about the comment on the skin and the eyes. Means alot!
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