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Was originally made for a comic that I was drawing based off real events. It was based off myself and friends and the villain of the major story was also a real person. I didn't know what to name characters so my friends wouldn't be internet prey so I started moving letters of our names in different orders. I came up with a system. The last 2 letters of the first name and the first 2 letters of the last name and put those together and I became Nagu online for a while. Sadly, that name was taken quite often so I decided to add the last 2 letters of my middle name Naiagu was born.

I tend to use it in games I play too and I like the ring of "Nai" or "Naia" when people talk to me. :3
Cosplay plans for 2014:
Mikasa (SNK/AOT)........Progress 30%
Idol Mirai (KNK)............Progress 100%
Sayaka (Puella Magi).....Progress 10%
Haruhi (OHSHC)............Progress 100%
Ruby (RWBY)...............Progress 80%

Cons for 2014:
Sac Anime Winter, AOD, NorCal Gathering Spring, Kraken Spring, EBRC Picnic, JPOP Summit, NorCal Gathering Summer, Magical Girls Gathering, Sac Anime Summer, Yaoi Con, Kraken Winter

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