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Wondering if anybody has room in a hotel room for one more person who takes up very little space? 17, female. Lolita and cosplayer. I will pay for part of the room of course and don't care if I sleep on a cot or on the floor (although a pillow would be nice). I'm not too loud but I'm not a killjoy either.
I just really want to stay all weekend. <3

Also I've been going since the year it started and was super tiny. It's always been super fun. Don't miss out on the rave because it's lots of fun and the masquerade is great. I always make tons of friends. Hope to see you all there.
I still can't believe I actually finished a cosplay.
Tentative Cosplay List:
Porrim Maryam - Homestuck
Kirino Kousaka - Oreimo

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