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Honestly, I will never order from them again..Back in early 2011, I ordered their Cloud Strife Advent Children shoulder amor thing. It not only was crap, but it was too small for a male to wear....
Which doesn't make sense seeing as CLOUD IS A MALE!!

I ordered it because it looked close enough and I hadn't seen another one that was good till afterward..
It took a while to get a reply from them..

The wolf head of the armor was just glued on (I think it was like normal superglue, which doesn't do much to metal on plastic), and the armor was just a chunck of plastic..SUPER CHEAP EASILY BREAKABLE PLASTIC!!
Around the wolf head, there was TONS of glue just splattered around it..Also there was a lot of glue pieces as if the glue dripped from the bottle and landed on the armor..They didn't even care enough about the customer to CLEAN IT OFF!!

After they emailed me back, they said they will give a refund but only partial because they take a 15% restock fee. I actually called them SCREAMING that they can not make me pay a fee when they clearly can not do their job and if they take a fee I would make a paypal claim and force them to give me a full refund..Needless to say I got all the money back ^_^

Terrible place..Just....No..
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