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Sooooooo, looks like sis and i have sort of tried to narrow down what we're gonna be wearing along with what I'll be wearing with my girlfriend too ^___^ far too much Doctor Who xD But I love it all the same!!

Thursday = Doctor Who, probably some form of the 11th Doctor while my girlfriends gonna do River for me *___*
Friday = wow soo many like.. not completely sure what I'm doing with sis but I think we're gonna do Eureka 7 cosplay, then later I'll be doing Supernatural and possibly Moriarty from the BBC Sherlock
Saturday = Doctor Who once again, then One Piece, then Doctor Who again
Sunday = BBC Sherlock cosplay

and those aren't 100% set in stone, but with 6 months away we're all finally getting an idea which is good xD still have a ton of stuff to finish and buy and OH BOY XD
Next Cons Planned :

Animefest Dallas 2014
Izumicon 2014

Cosplays Planned :

For Animefest possibly Terrance and Phillip, Drake and Hawkins,
and then maybe some comfy things
For Izumicon I have Dressing Gown Bilbo planned, possibly BBC Sherlock
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