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Basically to lose fat you need to lose weight= burn more calories and/or eat less. To tone up you need to do things to strengthen muscles. The problem is when you lose weight some of it tends to be muscle as well so you probably need to work on both cardio and strength training if you also want to tone(build muscle), so the best thing would probably be to alternate days between the two. Or try to do things that help with both. Usually it is better to not do the same exercises every day.
You can find websites online that will give you fitness plans, with suggestions for exercises to do. For example I use Sparkpeople but there are a lot of others also. They have videos and descriptions to show you how to do different exercises and things. They will also give you a nutrition plan if you want.
If you use Spark there are also different teams you can join for different goals, some of which have their own fitness plans, for example this one has 10 minute videos that you can follow along with for a workout:
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