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Originally Posted by pandagilbirds View Post
It's been about a month since I started my diet.

Drink at least 2 liters of water everyday.
This is really important. Although you may not even have the time to work out, drinking 2 liters will help you lose at least 2kg in a month. That's from experience. I didn't shave off the pizza and hamburgers or do any workout but I still lost up to 4kg just from drinking 2 liters of water. Besides, drinking water is good for your skin...makes it softer. =w= If you're interested in diet, you would have heard about metabolism, speeding up your digestive cycle with requires energy usage making you lose weight. I for one was born with a slow metabolic body. ;A; To increase it, I drank a warm or cold cup of green tea in the morning. Trust me on this. NOT GREEN TEA FRAP. Also, drinking cold water is more beneficial to increasing your metabolism so fill that bottle with cold water because you're body will work hard to keep homeostasis. Awwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaa.

How do you know you drank 2 liters? I used to carry around this filled with water (the one on the left) but it looked really gaudy and too big to carry around. So now I fill up the Dasani bottle 3~4 times each day. It's better because you have to walk to a water source to fill it up. If you can't find either, then an average soda bottle should have the amount of liquid it can hold. Average is 1 ~ 1.5 liters.

I'm started some aerobic dance thing you can find here. It works well and it's long as you don't mind doing it.

Good luck.
The amount of calories burned by drinking cold water are almost negligible. Being dehydrated lowers your basal metabolic rate anyway, so simply drinking two litres a day will help keep it running. Meal timing is also a myth. True, your metabolism speeds up when you eat. But its speed is also dependent on how much you eat, balancing it out.
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