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The amount of calories burned by drinking cold water are almost negligible. Being dehydrated lowers your basal metabolic rate anyway, so simply drinking two litres a day will help keep it running. Meal timing is also a myth. True, your metabolism speeds up when you eat. But its speed is also dependent on how much you eat, balancing it out.
It's true. To keep a healthy diet, you are better off eating 6 meals a day but that's mostly when you are stabilized. When I say 6 meals, I meant 3 proper meals and 3 snacks. It stabilized your metabolic rate. A healthy diet schedule is usually:

Breakfast 7 AM---------------------Biggest meal
Snack 10 AM
Lunch 12 PM---------------------Enough for Satisfaction (Second Big)
Snack 3 PM
Dinner 5 PM---------------------Just Enough So You Don't Die of Hunger (Small)
Snack 7 PM

The last snack depends on when you go to sleep. Although teenagers use energy for hormonal purposes during the night, it doesn't use much energy for digestion thus, slowing your metabolism. Eat the last snack of the day about 3 hours before you go to sleep.

Though, to lose weight fast, it's better just to skip the snacks for now. While small portion of fats and oil is okay, cut down the chips and cakes. Those are basically what the yellow mush in your body are.

((*I'm going to add this to the original reply))
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