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thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I have made some changes to the original plan and i finally have a direction i want to take it in. compleat with a prop!
Steam punk Inspired Time Mage! whoo! and i dont mean the Final fantasy job class.
so changes to the jacket include- no collar but a HOOD!! yea not really steam punk more mage- ish.
-no shoulder winggy thing. those are GOne! did not like those, im not even sure why I was even thinking of keeping them.
-I have solidified what embroiderer patterns im putting on them. the only place I was iffy on was the hood.
Changes to skirt: Offically going with a circle skirt. maybe a double circle skirt WITH petticoat. got the crushed velvet for it.
Other changes: Im making Tall Spats with the "wrap it in tape" method. with zipper on the inside and a corsety type lacing on the out side where the buttons go. need to get size 00 silver gromits!!!! making those out of sude.
officially going with a white wig and adding things, and goggles to it and cataract contacts to give the 'all seeing eyes' thing (I was thinking like the Gatekeeper from Thor but it turns out hes got organgey- red contacts in) like this
Oh prop. odd looking clock thing with gears and things. will post when i have something solidified

I have a lot of work to do before AN in may and 2 other costumes to get done first so it should be fun to do.
thanks for all the suggestions everyone!!! you really helped!
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