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I saw, it looked kinda really suspicious. My suspicion are correct. Thought I'd get my outfit within weeks at least that is what your site says, still nothing. Yes I have a big problem with your company. Ordered a outfit and it took over a week for anyone to even reply and now I am told the outfit hasn't even been started. Not a very good way to run a biz. I am not even sure if at this point I want it or am confused as to why it isn't ready or hasn't even been started. You'd think if their is a problem you all could send a email to costumers explaining the issue, instead I had to contact you and get a rather empty uninformative reply back. When someone ask when do you need a item that tells me something is wrong.
If you are wanting a good review from this costumer I have none cause I haven't even gotten a reply back when my costume will be started or even when I will get it at this point. Pretty unhappy and will not use you in the future.
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