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Oh man everyone, I really cannot recommend Unique Cosplay Props enough!

I commissioned all-purpose Hotaru purple stud earrings, Princess Saturn's diamond buttons, an individual gem for Super Saturn's choker star that I painted a Saturn symbol on the back of and then backed it with the metallic backing they provided, and a bigger than their standard heart brooch that they modified and cast from an existing heart brooch I had, that didn't suit my needs. Here's a closeup of the Super Saturn star choker brooch, the star is a metallic button I ordered off of Amazon thanks to a tip from an effing-amazing Super Sailor Mercury cosplayer on here. I love how subtle yet still visible if you look the Saturn symbol turned out, I painted it using a light purple acrylic paint.

The Princess buttons have no attachment backing since I'm still deciding how to attach them to the dress, choker ribbon, and shoe ankle straps. I'll figure that out once I actually construct the dress. XD

Seriously, guys, I cannot recommend them enough. They're so sweet and helpful and will blow you away! ;u;
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