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Lightbulb Need help choosing a Cosplay

So, I'm going to Comiccon in Ottawa in May and last year I went as a random Jedi.
This year I want to do something a lot more video game related. I've played a lot of games for both Xbox and Ps3 like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, .Hack, Zelda, Halo, and a bunch of others.
I'm having a complete brain fart as to what to cosplay when it comes to video game characters x_x So I need your help finding me something to cosplay. I'm not opposed to cosplaying male characters because I have crossplayed before.
I'm 5'4", I wouldn't say I'm overly chubby, but I'm not skinny, so baring stomach or a lot of leg is not preferred. Though showing a bit of leg is alright if I wore heels, though I'd need to practice wearing heels lol. I have uber short hair, I prefer NOT to wear wigs, so blond and short hairstyle is preferred (I know... I'm picky) BUT if the character is something I like, I might wear a wig.
I have pictures below of what I look like (please forgive my derp photos). - Haircut from the side - Haircut from the front - Somewhat full body shot - Me as a Jedi :P

So yeah, hope you guys can give me some ideas! I don't mind cosplaying from a game I haven't played before and if I choose that, I will make sure to do research and probably rent the game to get a better idea what my character is about. ^^
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