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Why do Homestuck cosplays have to be so addictive?? I'm trying to do some other different cosplays too but it's easier said than done when Homestuck is taking over my plans.
Ugh, I know how you feel. I am trying desperately to not add trickster Dirk on top of all the other Homestucks I am planning on. Every time I try to work on a cosplay for another series Homestuck just pulls me back in.

Originally Posted by ToroSonyCat View Post
I just got finished on a full test for Cronus, I'm pretty happy with it honestly but there are a few things I'd like to fix. I wouldn't mind some feedback, though! But chances are I'm probably already aware of and planning to fix up any issues.
I think it looks pretty great so far, right down to the accurate jean color. The only thing I would really suggest is to cuff up the bottom of your jeans to either above or over your boot since that's what a majority of greasers did. But that's more of a personal-style kind of thing.

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