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Originally Posted by TVsRobLowe View Post
I'm going to go dressed in my Krang suit that I made for Halloween.

Quick question, since I've always wore clothes that I can change out of and stuff in a bag - Does Megacon offer any kind of cosplay changing rooms? My costume is quite bulky and I may not want to wear it all day. If there is somewhere to change, I'll make a custom case for it and store it at my friend's booth.
Unfortunately the bathrooms are going to be your best bet. To my knowledge there's never been a designated changing room for cosplayers at Mega. Also ... WHEN ARE YOU WEARING KRANG?!?!?! I saw your cosplay featured on Kotaku and nearly lost my s**t!!! I'm definitely going to have to find ya during the weekend and get a pic with ya lol
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He starts shooting.

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