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Originally Posted by Brilanna View Post
I love how welcoming everybody is here!!

Zaiten: Yep, I made it to the forum to say hello! Also, I second HardcoreNamine's sentiments that Skyrim warrants lazy behavior... it's just so good!

Ladysuki1289: I will have to check that out for sure, I'm a HUGE Tales fan!!! Tales of Vesperia was my favorite... and I'm still crossing my fingers that Xillia will make it stateside in the near future!!
If thats the case, please visit this thread. We have gotten a lot of responses and if you can't go thats ok. You can also join our facebook thread.

As you can see, I cosplay from the series (my sig has my future cosplays) just not sure if Im going to make a photoshoot for AM but wouldn't mind seeing your Millia outfit if its ready by AM. And I can't wait for Tales of Xillia 1 even tho I already played both 1 & 2. Its a good game and happy to meet another Tales fan and cosplayer!
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