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Originally Posted by Resident-chick View Post
Hello there!! I will be coming as Jade Harley Dead Shuffle, also I would like to ask if I may film and post the gathering to youtube. I recorded both AX 2012 and ALA 2013 Homestuck gatherings. Also, I could try to help.
Of course, we just have to make sure the other cosplayers are alright of being filmed :3

Originally Posted by hachiko27 View Post
I'll be cosplaying as Rose
Great! You have been added to the list~

Originally Posted by shadowbuster44 View Post
I am so making it as Gamzee this time. Couldn't make it to the ALA gathering.
Its alright! You have been added to the list and i hope you can make it :3

Originally Posted by pandagilbirds View Post
I'll be going as Fem!Dave and if possible, Fem!Trickster!John.
Sweet~ Just keep me updated when it comes closer to the date. :3

Originally Posted by Aciano View Post
I will most definitely be around as John and quite possibly with a Jade in tow.
HAHAHA Okay your added to the list and so is your Jade. :3

Originally Posted by ThEctobiologist View Post
I'm attending the first two days of Ax as God Tier John and maybe normal John on the second day
Alright~ I hope you will be able to come to the gathering! Also I added you to the list :3
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