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My parents aren't entirely supportive(think I'm too old for it/need to grow up etc. etc.) but we kind of have this silent agreement that as long as I don't wear any of it outside my room or a con(worried the neighbors [that don't exist/im surrounded by trees] will see) then it's fine.

There was one instance though when I came home from work and found a really old sewing machine and a huge pile of various fabrics in my room. When I asked my mom about it she said: "well, the sewing machine was a gift for when I married your dad and it never got used and I'd rather not see you with bloody fingertips again" (I stuck my fingers alot when I started teaching myself to sew)

The gesture made me really happy and after that, I thought it would be okay to show her some of my costumes after I made them. I was very wrong with that thought but I still like to think that she is secretly supporting me(even though I had to remove her from my facebook for degrading all my cosplay pics on there >.>) mothers are confusing lol
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