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Furie- No worries! Just thought I would offer. Good luck in finding one that will work!

LKD- Ooh, it does look like that dress! I may see if I can convert it into something like that...

Not much progress for me this weekend. My days were consumed with remodeling my new bedroom and moving all my crap up there, then taking EVERYTHING out of what will be my sewing room so that we can work in there next. Then we have to move everything back in and organize it all. Yeesh. lol This is going to be quite a feat! But it will be awesome having a room JUST for sewing/crafting. I'm excited! I DID get a little done on Rapunzel; I stitched together and overcast the seams on the other sleeve, but that's it. Hopefully I will be able to make more progress this weekend. :3
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