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I'm so straight my ovaries exploded when I watched Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing... lol. I still crossplay. I do about an even split of male/female characters. And if one of my favorites has any fanbase of a genderbend I almost always go for the female version. For me, it's the character that matters, not the gender.

Plenty of reasons for crossplay!
1. Guys are faster. For example, I have a Canada cosplay and a Fem!Canada cosplay. The wig for the male Canada cosplay is much easier to deal with than my fem Canada one. If I'm pressed for time, I go for male Canada. You have not lived until you have put on tights while driving to the con...
2. Guys don't have to look like they stepped out of Vogue. I'm not exactly pretty. It is easier for me to pass as an okay guy than a beautiful girl.
3. Sometimes, a male character wouldn't be easily recognizable in genderbent form. If I showed up to a con as a female Link, people would think I was Zelda.
4. Some things that make the character who they are wouldn't translate well to a female character. For example, FemSanji. I've seen it done, and it's adorable... But Fem Sanji creeps me out! It's like "Let me feed you- now kiss me Zoro~" I would rather just be male Sanji
5. Sometimes, I just want to show my appreciation for that character's style. Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. I'm planning to get two white wigs, one long, one short. A blue hoodie and brown skinny jeans are not gender specific, so I can have two quick cosplays for the suitcase space of one. I just freaking love that hoodie!
6. Finally, most importantly... I cosplay for fun, not attention. It's my way of having fun with like-minded people and showing support for my fandom of choice. I am NOT looking for a date. When you dress up as a female anime character, you will end up having a creeper. I do not handle creepers very well, so rather than cosplay Nami, Luffy seems to be a better option if my group is doing One Piece.
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