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Originally Posted by Mesoian View Post
I'm interested to see where the story is going. Most of the game is set up for a future game, and it's all interesting enough to see the outcome. Uriel and Uthane are pretty interesting characters. And that game ended right on time, any more and I would have gotten bored with it. Kind of hope that Vigil gets to keep making them with all this THQ stuff going down.
Fair enough. I'm feeling more positive about the game at this point. Really the only boss I hated was the worm. The others aren't very interesting or memorable, but they weren't annoying to me. Unlike the damn worm. Though it turns out that I may have suffered from excess repetitions of worm spam because I didn't upgrade the gun at all. I never use it, so figured why bother. :/

Originally Posted by Zweihander View Post
Is your current character level 104 or higher? If so, I will give you 20 Humanities as a starter kit for possibly running into me. ;D
Thanks but no thanks! I have lots of humanity. It's really a matter of I don't like being interrupted. I don't particularly enjoy PvP and I'm not particularly good at it - though I have improved. It doesn't bug me to get invaded if I'm co-oping either as a host or a phantom, because that's part of the deal. But I generally only summon for boss fights. If I'm farming or collecting items and haven't beaten the area boss yet, I just stay hollow to avoid having my gaming time wasted.
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