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Sheik OoT

I would like to see what my fellow cosplayers think of my Sheik cosplay so far. I am still working on the arm wraps and chest wrap to make them easier to put on and take off. Right now the chest wrap and arm wraps I have to have someone tie them on for me which is a pain so I am working on making them with velcro closures.
I did buy this from another member here, but it needed some major upgrades. It started as a full one piece body suit that was very hard to get on and off. I separated the calf and foot part of the body suit and attached them to a pair of boots to make them their own piece. I also separated the hand guard parts from the body suit and attached them to molded plastic to keep them stiff and form to the curve of my hand. I still need to add the white trim to the hand guards. The head wrap was completely made by me and custom fit to my head with the wig on. The I decided to use has more natural looking highlights and lowlights to give a more realistic appearance. I do have red contacts in you just can not see them in the shots I have.
The harp was a successful first attempt at using a material that is new to me. It is super light weight and fairly durable. I decided not to make it have a super smooth finish and left it a little rough to give it more of a worn appearance. The strings are elastic so you "pluck" them and they will return to their original state.
These pictures were taken just a few days ago when it was freezing cold outside so we didn't stay for to long. They are the best of what we got that day. (shot of the front) (shot of the back)

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