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Originally Posted by bana View Post
Hi guys! I want to cosplay Cas, and was looking at wigs on Arda. Does anyone have any suggestions on what wig and/or colour to get? Thanks.

EDIT: Would "Rocky" work? Someone posted a picture of it, shown here. On the site, it seems as it's too thin too work, but seems like it could possibly work in the customer's photo?

Imho, I think Rocky is too short for Cas. It's super layered and the layers are short. It seems that the general consensus is that the Roni from Amphigory is the best bet, though for my Castiel cosplay, I purchased a dark brown boycut short from EpicCosplay I intend to dye a little darker with sharpies.

However, if you're set on an Arda wig, I suggest the Jett or Hansel with some trimming and styling. Or some trimming and styling on a Five Wits short black wig.
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