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Swimming with Polyfill..

So.. I'm making a Vaporeon leotard/one piece. So far, I'm leaning toward spandex, so I was thinking "Hey! I could totally swim in this too! Wouldn't that be cool?!"
The only thing is, I really want to make the tail and leotard as one... being.. thing. And, well, I'll be stuffing the tail with Polyfill.

Does anyone know what happens to polyfill when it's wet AND encased in a spandex enclosure? I don't want any nasty stuff going on in there..

Any other suggestions for me? My first thought it to make the initial tail surrounded by something more waterproof or just coat cheap fabric in latex first.

It doesn't HAVE to be swimmable. I just thought it'd be cool if I could drag it to the pool every once in a while lol
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