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Originally Posted by SoulSCLove View Post
Are there any Magical Girl Mami cosplayers going to Katsucon? I'm looking for someone who can either replace Misa in a Madoka group or that could lend her their cosplay for a shoot. She ordered her cosplay, which is something she doesn't usually do, and she recently got messaged saying that they can't ship it until March and they won't refund her. She paid $200 for the cosplay and can't afford a new one. If any of you are curious who she is she is Misa CLove on facebook and Cosplay Love Pro. If any of you are willing to help/replace her in the group please contact me here, or her on facebook. Thanks!
Aah, I am O: Depends when the shoot is though, and how much I would possibly need to pay for it!

Originally Posted by Sorano View Post
I won't be able to attend the shoot on Saturday since I have Maid cafe reservations at that time. I am looking for a Mami and Kyoko to take some group photos with us. I may also need a Homura if mine does not show. I do have a Kyuubey though. Not sure if anyone wild be interested but I thought it would be worth a shot. I'd love to get a full group together for photos. My crew will be in Madoka Saturday morning/afternoon. Thanks.
Same here. My friend is coming as Homura as well so we could maybe fill in.
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