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This looks like something I need to do xD Because..I can't help myself!

Thursday (during pre-reg and all afternoon probably)

Show/Game/Style: Doctor Who
Character: The Doctor (11th Variety)
Cosplayer Badge Name : MoonNeko

Friday :

Show/Game/Style: Eureka 7
Character: Anemone

Show/Game/Style: Panty & Stocking
Character: Panty
(big maybe, might not have time for this one)

Show/Game/Style: Supernatural
Character: Dean Winchester

Show/Game/Style: BBC Sherlock
Character: Jim Moriarty (possible tourist version with the London hat)

Saturday :

Show/Game/Style: Doctor Who
Character: The Doctor (6th Variety)

Show/Game/Style: One Piece
Character: Captain Eustass Kidd

Show/Game/Style: Doctor Who
Character: The Doctor (11th Variety, thinking blue bow-tie version)

Sunday :

Show/Game/Style: BBC Sherlock
Character: Richard Brook (aka Jim Moriarty)

don't know if I have any other Sunday plans..maybe..just maybe but I dunno xD
Next Cons Planned :

Animefest Dallas 2014
Izumicon 2014

Cosplays Planned :

For Animefest possibly Terrance and Phillip, Drake and Hawkins,
and then maybe some comfy things
For Izumicon I have Dressing Gown Bilbo planned, possibly BBC Sherlock

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