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So Brando's bank is charging him like $70 in overdraft fee's when he had plenty of money in the bank.

According to an email from his bank they said that they where closed on the day he made an ATM deposit and it takes 2 days for those deposits to go through so when various stuff was taken out of his account from retailers we bought from it registered as them taking out more and more money from an overdrawn account.

Brando has been with this bank for years and has never heard of this policy, there have been many times where he deposited money into the ATM and immediately paid off something with it without this problem.

The bank has so far not said if they will waive the overdraft fee's.

Brandon had money in his bank account. Bank claimed there was nothing deposited. Bank charges him for 3 various overdrafts despite him having proof of just depositing money into his account a day or two prior. Bank so far has not said they will waive the fee's.

Madness ensues.
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