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Photographer Available - 2/15-2/17 Katuscon 2013

Hi Everyone!

This will be my first Katsucon, going to be traveling from San Diego,CA, and I'm looking to schedule some photoshoots with all you wonderful cosplayers.

About my photoshoots
  • Free, I know you guys put a lot of time, effort, and money into your cosplays so I don't charge.
  • Typically, I'll upload around 5 photos, depends on how long we shoot for
  • Photos will be watermarked
  • Shoots last 30min-hour (willing to shoot longer if you're up for moving around locations)
  • If you wish to share, just use the share option on FB or if elsewhere just ask me for a copy rather than grabbing off Facebook, the quality really drops. And please provide me credit back to my page.
  • I prefer individual photoshoots, small groups are ok but usually works better if I know the characters and their relationship.

Here's a link to my page -
Feel free to contact me there, it's easier for me to keep track there than PMs here. Please include the following
  • Name:
  • Cosplay and series it's from:
  • Time Slot you'd like:
  • What'd you like out of the shoot(theme,mood, etc. can include poses, fanart, etc.):
  • If available, your fanpage, a progress photo, anything else you'd like to add:

Sample work (click for larger size)-

Here's a tentative schedule, I don't mind shooting early in the morning or late at night, I just didn't list every single time slot.

Fully Booked

Booked besides super early/late(Before 10am/after 11pm)

Noon - available

Feel free to message me still, there may be last minute/at con cancellations and I will be walking around in between shoots during which I can take quick hall shots

You can call me Jono
2013 Plans:
San Diego Comic-Con, Otakon, Dragon*Con
Flickr, Facebook, DA

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