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Originally Posted by chibierwin View Post
@Kawaii Pocky: I think you are going great so far! The posing looks good. (You're definelty right about the coat! I thought you had no girl chest!) I think if you do some male make-up, you'll look even better!

Alrighty, I'm very curious about this. Here are various examples of wig/makeup from some newer photos:

And I have absolutely no makeup in this shot, but can someone tell me how my binding looks?

These are some of the best in my opinion, but I'm still fairly new to the full-time/serious cosplay scene in general, so any help is greatly appreciated! (Female to male, by the way

Thank you. I definitely have a chest and that coat is a women's coat. lol

Any hoo I think you did a good job on your make up. I think your convincing and your binding is great, while I'm new to crossplaying, Aki is my first, I've been cosplaying for a few years. I think that your binding looks natural no lumps or protrusions, a bigger problem when your larger chested like me. I think with out make up that you also look tom boyish. That you could pass for either. I think you make a cute girl and a guy. Honestly if I had to guess I really couldn't figure out if you were naturally a girl if you hadn't mentioned f to m. I'm too feminine so it's hard for me to look really masculine but I think I can pass for boyish, so I can't cosplay any one too masculine I think.
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