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So my friend whose Kirito costume I'm making, we decided to make it out of this super durable white fabric we saw at Joanns. They had very little of it in the store we went to, so he decided to order it online. On the website, it turned out to have only like 3 yards in stock. My friend decided to wait until it came back in stock. And a couple days ago it did! And so he ordered all of the main fabric from the Joanns website. Today they apparently emailed him to say that surprise! it's actually out of stock.


So now we're planning on bussing around to all the different Joanns in the area, and buying out all that they have of this fabric.

In other news, I found this perfect white faux fur for Laxus' jacket trim. It's got this amazing 3 inch pile and it's soft and not curly and looks more like a rock star than a carpet.

Unfortunately, it's also $38/yard. Good thing we probably only need 1/2 a yard. .-.
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