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My first costume shop work call (I'm a theatre major and we all have to put in crew hours) was a complete disaster today. I was so nervous about it, I screwed up royally. I know I never would have made those mistakes if I was sewing at home, but it was the pressure of other people being there, feelign like i had to do it quickly, and the fact that other people were going to be wearing what I was making so if I screwed up other people would know, that made me crack. I'm not going to let it happen again tomorrow though! I'm going to relax, take my time, and not make any mistakes!!! Really, some of the mistakes i made were ridiculous. I sewed though both sides of an underskirt >.< I may not be as experienced as the rest of the team, but I would NEVER make a mistake that simple at home >.> Curse my nerves!!!
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