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I figure that I don't really count on the 'teenage year photo' thing, since I'm still in my teenage years? (Also Mai you are adorable. <3 Gah, everyone is so gorgeous!)

Originally Posted by Fish-and-Chips-Yum View Post
"She is everything I look for in a girl."
Makes me happy though, since lately life's been pretty downcast.
That's awesome! You seem like a really sweet person, and given all the stuff you've been putting up with lately, that must be a real pick-up. ^^ Enjoy the dance too!

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Your taste in music is wonderful :')

Thank you! It's snowing on my birthday too!
Happy birthday, you lovely person you!

And here's the reason I haven't been around for a couple of pages:

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  • Genderbend Makoto (Free! Eternal Summer): 2% (Planning) Colossalcon 2015
  • Emperor Lelouch (Code Geass): 2% (Planning) Spring 2015
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