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I did not go 2011 because it was on the same day as AX and with already knowing what to expect from AX i went there.

I did attend AM2 2012, it was ok not the best. The fashion guest of honor was cool talked to fans ect always had smile on their faces! got to sit and talk with them for almost an hour.

GOH were good (Andrea Libman) & (Tara Strong) it's funny since seeing (Tara Strong) at Am2 i see her everywhere now (Comikaze Expo) (EQLA).

but I was REALLY hoping that there would have been at least 1 Big name Musical Guest.. but sadly no. I think they over did it 2011 Am2 and possibly could not afford to bring over another Big Musical Performance after Already having (Sadie) (Kanon Wakeshima) (Kanon) (Scandal)

i was not impressed with the dealers hall.
The artist Alley was ok, but i heard some attendee's complaining that a few of the Artist alley Artists were treating like like crap.
the Stage next to artist alley was the Wrong location - should have been moved somewhere else (Artists were complaining bout the noise) & their was a meeting or something going on - i think it was Sunday when Lucid was playing so the Meeting complained and the Convention workers shut off the power to their set- something along the lines of that, it was ridiculous.

AM2 will always have Japanese GOH they did for 2012 even if they are not Big named Guests - Can't always have the Biggest names all the time - Chase & Staff have Connections so yea, Japanese guests will always be at Am2!

People are complaining about AM2 2013 because it's not really Free anymore it is like $5-$10 for Regular Access... it's like REALLY people are complaining because they can't get in FREE again?? try and find something worth complaining over.... everyone WANTS stuff for FREE it amazes me.. its like they are Entitled to it or something... I'm sorry but if you WANT Japanese Guests and Musical Acts you have to PAY for Am2 to bring them.. money just does not appear out of the wallet like (Oh yea! another $20!)

just a bunch of Stupid stuff happened over AM2 (nothing major) just minor things that can be fixed!! They are still trying to find their feet - Also trying to Please Everyone is never going to happen at ANY Convention.

It won't stop me from going because I Support Chase & Staff of AM2 they are Awesome people! All the hard working Staff that help try and make (Attendee's) time worth remembering!!! So I will be attending 2013 Because I have Faith that Am2 will be better this year! They just need (Attendee) Support to make it happen! Convention Success can only happen with Support from (Attendee's)!!
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