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Well I've decided to make Regina's "apple dress" from Once Upon a Time for this. Bought Lace in black with silver and Frogs knots for it so far. Sourced patterns as well.

The fabric still giving me a headache due to the unique floral 4 tone brocade. (I wonder if I could get it manufactured? But not Spoonflower/digital printing). I love to get into contact with the wardrobe crew to see where they got it. >_<

Blackend blue, Navy Blue, dark purple and a silver grey.

Edit: ok after some more digging I found this.

Ordered a swatechs to prove to me that it's worth the $50 per yard for the 9 yards needed in her dress!l!

Random note I saw Mood Fabrics location in New York when visiting.... dang if it's not a good idea to travel there again but I need a camera first instead of paying travel and boarding. lol

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