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When did you start cosplaying and what made you start?:
Started cosplaying in 2009 after visiting the MCM convention in london started watching some of the anime I had bought at the con and decided that I could relate to some of the characters.

What was your first cosplay?
Did you make the costume yourself?: My first costume was Gilbert Nightray from Pandora Hearts - This was a bought cosplay as I wanted to see whether or not it was something that would be worth spending the time/money/effort in making cosplays for future cons.

Do you cosplay in public?:
Whenever I can - I have a cosplay group for Vampire Knight which we do photo shoots in public places.

Have you been to any expos/conventions?:

If yes, which was/is your favourite to go to and why?:
The MCM conventions in London - as it is a 3 day event in which the atmosphere is pretty amazing - You will always find friendly cosplayers there looking to meet others even if they are in their own groups.

Do you cosplay regularly? If yes, how regularly?:
Yes - Most Weekends

What do people think of your cosplay?:
My Kiryuu Zero cosplay seems to be popular with our cosplay groups DeviantArt fans.

Who is your favourite character/person to cosplay as and why?:
Kiryuu Zero - Because I can relate to him in several ways to how he acts and thinks.

Do you make the costumes yourself?:
I have been making my own cosplays in the last couple of years.

How long does it take for you to construct a costume?:
It varies, mostly depends on work and theatre hours - the simple cosplays tend to take a few weeks, the more extravagent a couple of months.

What do you enjoy about cosplay?:
I enjoy being able to become someone else. To act/talk as they would in the anime/manga/game/movie.
I enjoy challenging myself to make different cosplays and props, finding new and different ways of making the same thing.
I enjoy it when people say that the photos/videos of the cosplays have inspired them into cosplaying from that anime/manga etc or just cosplaying in general as it shows that what I do is encouraging others join the hobby/lifestyle of cosplaying - and helping make it more widespread around the UK.
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