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There's other cosplay retail stores that sell a black Ezio Auditore cosplay, but they charge you a little bit more money than this site does. Given the option I wouldn't recommend going with this company, just because the costume style in general wasn't exactly accurate and their shipping and communication really wasn't worth it. However if you're on a budget and are willing to take a risk I'd say go for it.

Also I didn't add this before but I should have. I ended up having to wash this cosplay because it smelled overwhelmingly of motor oil. :|

If you are curious I searched the web from some other more trustworthy sites and found some better places that sell the black Ezio cosplay for you:

Cosplay Fu sells a black Ezio Cosplay for $249.89 right now, and they have an excellent reputation by other cosplayers who would swear by them. [I tried to link it but I guess won't accept it as a link since there has been recent forum spam or something like that by this link.]
[I actually found someone that bought this from their site and their costume is VERY accurate and nicely done.]

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