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Originally Posted by Seifer-sama View Post
I am thinking of doing the version from the Hobbit actually. My partner mentioned he might want to do Thorin.
Oooo.....the Dress Galadriel wore in An Expected Journey, the one being called "Water Dress"?

I love that Gown too the moment it was released as it reminded me so much of the Saint Seiya Dress I had done recently (it's the amount of Chiffon the dress ate up and its collar ) but guess I shouldn't put it into my list this year yet as got 3 other costumes (Kili, Ringwraith & Rivendell Guard) from An Unexpected Journey to try to do by December this year

And looking forward to your Partner's Thorin too. My friend from Malaysia had did it (she handmade each of the Mail on the Coat from Sculpey III ) and I was most impressed with the results.

Originally Posted by Mae-Gwyn View Post
I am currently working on a couple of cosplays from the Silmarillion, where the designs are my own but the characters are of the Valar. I've got partway through Vana and Este and I shall be designing and creating Nessa soon.
That sounds cool! Quite rare to see people doing characters from the Silmarillion.
I myself thot of doing Mandos but not any time soon I guess until I improve my Makeup Skills so can look more appropriate like him.

Originally Posted by Mae-Gwyn View Post
One costume that I would love to make is Galadriel from the london version of the musical.
OMG! I LOVE that costume too tho' only seen it in pictures! But finding the Lace for the Dress is gonna be hard.

Originally Posted by Mae-Gwyn View Post
4) I like most of the races but alas i am too tall to cosplay anything shorter than a human! So i'm stuck with just elves, maiar, valar and humans
Well, I'm neither here nor there in term of height or body size but I just prefer to go "What the heck!" and do whichever costume or race I want from the series. Mostly into the Elves right now.

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