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Marty wig + Wig advice for Santa (999)

I am so, so sorry for reposting this -- for some utterly bizarre reason, when I posted my additional question in my original thread, it didn't bump the thread to the front page, which means no one can see my thread and answer my question. D:

This was my original post:
I plan on cosplaying Santa from 999, but I am really at a loss when it comes to approaching his hair. I'm especially nervous about his hairline, since it's all swept back like that. I've only seen two cosplays for this character before, and while both of them are amazingly done, I'm not a fan of the very visible hairline bump that so often occurs when you cosplay characters without bangs. I've never attempted a character with this kind of hair before, so any kind of help you could give me would be extremely appreciated! I don't even know where to begin -- Arda, my go to wig site, doesn't seem to have anything workable, so I'm trying eBay, but I'm floundering a little... thank you so much in advance for your help!

This is my new question:
Man, I still haven't ordered anything because I'm still hedging about which one to get. I like the look of Malinda, I like that the hairline's already slicked back (I've tried slicking back some of the other wigs I have and I'm never satisfied with the bump it creates), and the fact that it's wefted upside down is great because I can spike it without having to worry about my wig cap showing. But it's supposed to be even bigger than the other wigs Arda carries, and my tiny head is afraid that that'll render it unusable.

I tried taking a look at lacefronts in the hopes of finding something that could work -- do you think the Marty would be workable for Santa? I literally cannot find one single image of anyone who has a Marty to get a better look at it, and it's frustrating. I'm not sure if it's too short or not, or how it looks on an actual person...
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