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Originally Posted by Akahime View Post
8'D Located here on my tumblr post. Just need to get things this weekend and probably will be done with her by the end of next week (which would be the lastest :3).

Well glad to see it worked out! I dislike some of my cosplays on me too! LOL Adding things like a zipper does help a lot though! Which is why I would be reworking some of my old cospalys this weekend after I'm done with Cater. LOL
It looks great! Can't wait to see it done!

I really should be reworking some old cosplays but yeah, I get too distracted by new ones. XD

So I was looking through my pattern collection, I realized I have one that would work for the skirt part of Amnesia Heroine's dress. Dang it. I really want to make the dress now...
To make matters worse, the opening for Fate/Extra CCC came out and I want to pull together Heroine's blue blazer version too. >_> Calm yourself brain. Please. Until I'm done with Camellia Gumi and the other cosplays for this con season.
Working on...
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