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Originally Posted by Giullare View Post

Alright, I've taken down the second Friday shoot, with how you posted a Facebook group it looked like you were planning on doing a later shoot. I apologize for the confusion. I'll look into the Fairy Tail panel and add that in here for all nakama to see. c:

That's bad, I like blue and I like red.Mmmmm go red. ;D

alrighty. there's gonna be major mira sewing going on tomorrow! see you soon bacchus.

Originally Posted by violetlights View Post
The closer that Katsucon gets and the longer I procrastinate on starting Levy.... The more I'm thinking about doing Lisanna instead >_< Seems easier, and hey, if Elfman and Mira are going to be there (I'm looking at you, Ghai and tommyish c; ) then I might as well complete the trio, right?

If my indecisiveness wins over, I may just do both, hehe.
Levi sounds awesome! but if you decide to do lisanna then COME AND GIVE YOUR ONIICHAN A HUG
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