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Something that might help you is maybe going to smaller meet ups. Look around/ask around on here or on Facebook and see if there are any small fandom meetups near you. That way you will get to show off your costumes in a less hectic and crowded environment. The meetups during the spring and summer are generally held in public parks, and are much more laid back than conventions. See if some of your friends would want to join you, once you start getting comfortable at meetups, you can then seek out small local conventions to go to. Just take it a little bit at a time. Also remember, that people at conventions are generally not judgmental. Keep in mind that most people are incredibly absorbed with themselves and are more worried about what they look like rather than what everyone else looks like or is doing. No one is going to single you out because of your cosplay and most people will respect your space. Just stay away from large cosplay meet ups or photoshoots at conventions and you'll be fine.

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