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Fabric Bleeding - Need help

I got my Asuna (Sword Art Online) costume the other day, and it was all wrinkled, so I decided to iron it this evening. I did so, and then noticed a dirt spot on the red skirt, in which I cleaned it off with soap and water. I then made the huge mistake of putting the wet skirt onto the white shirt, in which the white shirt shortly formed a pink spot. I tried to wash the pink spot out too, but then I realized that the wetness was making the white shirt bleed pink from the red lines of fabric. Now the white shirt is drying and there are pink spots around the red edges on the bottom of it. I'm really upset that I ruined the costume, and I didn't even get to wear it yet.

Is there a way to remove the pink spots without ruining the rest of the costume? I can't wash the shirt because the red bleeds easy onto the white. Thanks, and hopefully something will fix this problem.
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