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Someone I could cosplay (easy?)

I'm somewhat new to cosplaying so Id like something easy-ish to make or cheap to buy (new/used) I'm pretty good at sewing, but if one project takes waay too long I have a bad habbit of quitting. I'm working on fixing that though. But for now lets just keep it simple. I'm open to pretty much anything. I looove long hair and girly-ness but I also love the idea of crossplaying...
I'm pretty normal sized weight wise, my bust is a 36C, and I'm 5'2"
Also if it was a character that comes from a group maybe? Like if me and some friends wanted to group cosplay I wouldnt have to make a totally different one yknow?
Oh and also Id prefer if its someone you arent gonna see like 50 of, but still popular enough to be reconisable (cantspell)

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