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I just recently commissioned from coskingdom on ebay. Honestly one of the cheaper prices I could find on ebay (I found cheaper then this seller but didn't really trust it) as I didn't want to spend over 100 dollars. I ordered CC's prison uniform from Code Geass but I had to have it custom made because all the ready made sizes weren't big enough for me. They did a good job keeping in contact with me and it took them about a month to make the costume and less then 2 weeks to get to me. The costume wasn't even horrible quality and I'm sure they ripped off the pics because I saw several of the same ebay sellers selling that costume using the same image. Thing I like about ebay is I can experiment with new sellers and see if I like them or not and get my money back if the item is poor.

Any way, I'll wrap this up because I tend to ramble. They did a good job making it, only issue was the costume was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too tight in the crotch region and even the shoulders were tight. Every other part of the suit fit like a glove. I even gave them an extra inch or two on my shoulders and an extra inch on the inseam. Now I have to have my friend help me alter it so I don't have a giant wedgie and camel toe. lol I seriously laughed so hard when I tried it on.

So if your looking for a decent cheaper commissioner (they have lots of premade cosplay costumes but I had to get mine custom made because their sizes run small) I would recommend them, but just be weary of the costume being small or maybe too snug. Like I said I gave them an extra inch or two on important areas of the costume and too tight. They are also located in China or Japan? But they are very timely with shipping, though if you have to get a custom order I would do it atleast 2 months in advance to be on the safe side.

I wanted to mention I am an average sized women, not to justify myself but because they're an Asian seller they run small. I think they go biggest to XL or XXL in premade but my issues with premade costumes/clothing is always my bust and hips because I have an hourglass figure. I don't know how it is for men but I imagine men's sizing runs small too.

And if you want pics of my costume, I'll have to take them after my friend finishes altering it for me. XD
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