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yes I agree they should move to a smaller venue

I think their general attendance is somewhere between 8-14 thousand though, so thats a little big, I assume they want to save their place in the ACC for when their convention gets bigger, but, I think its a bad choice in its first years

im not positive about their finances, but I believe in their first year they came close to breaking even, they may have done a little worse in their second year, I heard from allot of people that attendees were just walking in and going to the dealer room, and not really going anywhere else

the summer festival stage by the artist alley was also a problem in the first year
I was really disappointed when I learned they had not fixed that
it was horrible, I couldn't hear my friends talking to me, I couldn't even hear myself think,

it should be loud enough that the people who want to stand by the stage can enjoy it, but not loud enough that the whole exhibit hall can hear it

also Im hoping they can get a Musical guest of honor this year

last year they ran around toting that you couldn't get into any concerts unless you bought a passport

allot of people bought passports on the pretense that they were going to be able to use them to see concerts, but then when the time came, there were no concerts
I thought that was pretty low
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