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I know how you feel. I've had the chipmunk cheeks my entire life due to it being a family trait, but no matter what I do, or how skinny I get, I can't lose them. I've always looked at least 5 years younger than I actually am --which made dating a complete disaster. (IMHO - no one's actually said this to me) guys probably thought I was under age when I was actually old enough to throw back drinks with them. (in example.)

I just want a face that isn't round in order to the play the characters I want to play. I do consider it an obstacle. Sadly, it's one I don't know how to get around. I have a small mouth, which doesn't help.

If anyone has any tips on getting rid of chipmunk cheeks, please help. ((also, I'm not considered overweight, I work out regularly, eat right, and ride my bicycle at least 50 miles a week --since it's my car.))
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