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Originally Posted by ChatNoir View Post
I know it sounds a bit silly, but maybe keep images of the characters you're cosplaying around to remind you to "be good" so to speak. I'm thinking about doing that because so far just thinking about being motivated hasn't been enough. -__-;;
This is spectacular idea, ChatNoir.

I have the Magician Arcana card sitting in front of my computer. (made it as the prop for my cosplay). On the back it says "1 Transmutation." Because I was drawn to this, and made it, the magician arcana card stands for more now than just a prop when it started. Transmutation means "change," that it's possible to perform things that may seem insurmountable to others if the energy wielded is directed at something. It's resolve and pure will power. Creative energies used, and learning something new --(like hand embroidering for instance.) Every time I look at this, I think. .... Yeah.... let's do this!

...well, damn, I'd better not lose this card then, huh. *L* Ah, I'm a natural clutz!
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