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Originally Posted by DarkCloudInc View Post
Name: Mark Cloud [29/Male]
General location: Chicago
Likes and or dislikes:

- Long sits by the beach; walks are fine, too!
- Oh, and trying new food! If I ever go to a restaurant or food dealer, specials will always be the first to be read over then the menu.
- Thoughtful conversation.

- Cosplays don't assemble themselves...

- Naruto [Just to see it to the end]
- Bartender [Really interesting and gives me something to order when I hit up the bars]
- Genshiken
- Mysterious Girlfriend X [Slow and agonizing but want to see it to the end]
- The World God Only Knows [Has been my main cosplay, also kind of recognized for]

Animes: Don't quite follow

What you are looking for. (Be it just friends or more):
- Anyone for friends, yay! You can friend me on facebook, click the link in my signature!
- Females for cos-PlayDates... err... cosplay partner! If something more develops, sweet!
Self Summary: Will update later, for now, I'm an INTP.
Updated once more
RWBY: Blake Belladonna - Gambol Shroud FUNCTIONAL: Done!
Planned Cosplay 2017 - Everything all gold, woo!
Gilgamesh [Fate Series]
Kayle - The Judicator [League of Legends]
Sagitarrius Aiolis [Saint Seiya]
Genji [Overwatch - Ocre]
9S [Nier]
Geralt [Witcher 3 - Wolven]
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