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Thank you SO much for this post!! Unfortunately it's the 24th and they're not available anymore, especially in my size (small). But knowing where to get them and they're out there makes me ECSTATIC, so... I'll keep an eye on eBay then! Thanks! And I'll track this tag, too. You're a peach.

EDIT: Holy god, this thing is eating my posts... anyway, editing because I actually clicked ALL the links this time.. god, it's 3:30am and I'm in a cosplay stupor... and found the blue Rose jacket in my size, and lucky me because apparently they've sold 12 and only had 2 left. The UK eBay thing has some, guys, and a lot of other Doctor Who companion stuff if anyone cares and it hasn't already been mentioned. Uh, god, I need sleep. But I'm happy I found it. I'm grateful for the poster. Thank you, OP! You're cool! And sorry for the edit. Now the only thing I need is to construct the gun. I have a plan to make the top of it accessible to a hollow top so you can store wallets and valuables without having to carry them, since... that costume... yeah.

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