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So holy crap, guys! I've been so busy with all of the volunteering I do and the conventions I run and my real job that I haven't had anything like time to get on This thread has sure grown in a couple of months.

I have a question... or a call for advice, rather. I've always done The Boss with my real hair because it's usually one of those "comfortable" costumes for me, but in the past year, I've been growing out my hair. Whereas last year at this time it was just about the perfect length, it is now sneaking suit Boss length and style (I guess if I find an excuse to wear that again soon, I won't have to wig it!).

I'm emceeing at a convention in two weeks. This is a thing I do every year with my friend Jon who plays Snake. We write these fun little bits to do between entries, and it's honestly one of the reasons our masquerade gets so many people watching it (or at least I've been told). I'd like not to have to wear a wig for it because some of the stunts we do get us sweaty (fight choreography and such). Sweating in wigs, as most of us know, is not fun. I have three options - 1.) wear a wig and be sweaty, 2.) find a way to tuck my hair away where it won't come out during stunts, or 3.) wear my hair long and hope no one cares.

If I could do this perfectly, I'd have time to change into my sneaking suit, but because that takes a good 45 minutes, I don't think I'll try it.
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